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ProStrategix Web Design is the baby of our principle. He created the company as a way to share his 20 plus years in the industry with a whole new set of up-and-coming designers and developers.

ProStrategix is both old and new at the same time. It is old in terms of experience, but new in terms of talent and thinking. It's old in having a tested and proven development process, but new in applying it to an ever-changing technical landscape.

Keep scrolling to see how this approach has worked for our clients. Seeing is believing.
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Two Case Studies
This client came to us because she had reached the point of frustration in trying to develop her site on her own. She is an incredibly bright and talented designer, with an incredible eye for good design. However, web design was not her strength. She was not pleased with what she had done, and she had the courage and self-confidence to know she needed help. She came to us with her old design. Using our time-tested results-oriented process, we were able to deliver a beautifully designed and flawlessly functional site within two weeks.
Good Deed Karma
ORC Dallas
This client came to us because their site needed a facelift. While the site was functional, the user experience was less than desired. We have a special place in hearts for nonprofit charity organizations, so we jumped at the chance to help. The work this client is doing is amazing and extremely needed. We wanted to provide them a site that captured and showcased their work clearly, cleanly, and simply. We wanted to show the donor community that their dollars were being well spent and highlight the credentials a quality of the group. With our process, we were able to deliver a clean, clear, and simple design, which runs flawlessly in about two weeks.
The Brief
Sitemap & Style Guide
Wireframes & First Draft
Final Review & Approval
An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure
The design and development brief is the step in the process where we align with the client on what we are doing, how we are doing it, when it will be done, and what we need from them. It's so critical to be on the same page. It avoids so many issues later.
Blueprints and Color Scheme
You wouldn't build a house without developing blueprints. The same goes for the interior spaces with color swatches and test paint square on your walls. That's why we believe that is critical for the client to select the sitemap and styles from the options we provide.
A clear image of how it will look
Unless they are complex, not all projects need wireframes, but all do need to get client input to ensure that the original plans are in line with their expectations. Making big changes now and so much easier than wholesale changes later.
Minor tweaks and last touches
If we've done our work correctly all the way through, all that should be left at this point are some minor touch-ups or minor edits in content. This is where all the hard work in the upfront pays off. While it may lack the drama of the big reveal, it more than makes up for it by providing certainty and satisfaction.
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